Register your cat as an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals (ESA) are sometimes only thought of in terms of dogs. While most states accept dogs and Small horses as ESAs, some cat varieties can also qualify.

Support for the soul People with emotional disorders like social anxiety or depression can highly benefit from having cats in their lives. They can offer the same advantages as emotional support dogs and become wonderful friends. Here you know How to register a cat as an Emotional Support Animal.

Why Would a Cat Provide Emotional Support?

Cats that offer emotional support offer their owners company and comfort. People who struggle with anxiety, sadness, or other mental illnesses are frequently the ones who bring them into the house. While not technically considered service animals, emotional support cats can offer much-needed affection and companionship. Keep reading to know How to register a cat as an Emotional Support Animal.

Support for the soul cats is peaceful animals who enjoy cuddling and getting handled. Additionally, they might assist their owner in feeling less stressed and anxious. Emotional support animals can occasionally have therapeutic effects, such as lowering blood pressure or enhancing sleep.

If you’re acquiring an emotional support cat, ensure to conduct your homework to choose a breed that will work well with your personality and lifestyle.

How to Online Emotional Support Animal Register Your Cat

Finish your screening test.

Finding out if you qualify for an ESA Letter is the first prerequisite. It is simple, confidential, and only takes five minutes. You must pass the screening test to obtain an emotional support animal letter. However, there is no need to be concerned because everything is simple.

Get a mental health professional with a license to consult you.

You can find a licensed mental health provider in your state by using the Certapet website. They will then get in touch with you to schedule the telehealth appointment. It gets done to ensure that you require the support cat for which you are asking for an ESA cat letter.

Receive your ESA Cat Registration Certificate.

You require a therapist’s confirmation before you can decide to get an ESA cat to help you recover from your mental illness. Your emotional and mental capacity will get tested during the examinations. A reputed online service creates your ESA certificate after the evaluation and after a doctor has approved your request for a therapy cat.