Swimming Pool Leak Problems

Swimming Pool Leak Problems: When To Call For Pool Repair Service?

Having a pool in your backyard will always make your property feel more glamorous and luxurious. Every time you step out of your backdoor you will see the elegantly designed pool reflecting the beautiful rays of the sun, the blue skies, and the trees around you. But remember that a swimming pool comes with great responsibilities. 


When you start having problems then you should know what to do. Issues like leaks are not something that you should take for granted. If you noticed that your pool is slowly losing more water than it used to, or if you have been refilling it more frequently than you do in the past months, then something might be wrong. But of course, it is important that you know when to call for help. 

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Rule Out Evaporation.

Of course, a swimming pool loses water due to evaporation. But you have to make sure that this is not the issue. To do this, you need to try the ‘bucket test.’ Place a bucket on the second step of your pool or at the shallow spot. Then make sure to fill the bucket with water enough for it to hold its place. Using duct tape or a marker, mark the water level on the bucket. 


      With Pump Off. Then turn off the pool pump and auto fill feature. Let the bucket stay in the water for 24 hours. Provided that it didn’t rain overnight, compare the water level you marked in the bucket with the water level of your pool. If it’s evaporation, the water level would have dropped a little. But, if it is way lower than the marked level, and then you are losing more water than you should be.


      With Pump On. The next day, do the test again but this time with the pump on. This can help the pool owner determine where the leak is. If the leak only happens with the pump off, then the problem can be on the suction side of the water system. If it only happens with the pump turned on, then the problem might be on the pressure side. 


However, if the leak happens on both occasions, then the issue can be the pool itself.


The Pool is Leaking: What To Do Next?

Now that you are sure that the water the pool is losing is not due to evaporation but because of a leak, then you can start looking for the problem area. Take a walk around the pool and inspect for soggy or spongy parts of the ground. Also, check the pool equipment as well as other above-ground connections. If you have found the source of the problem, then you are halfway through this process. But if not, then it is best to call for help.


Trusting a reputable Swimming pool services provider is way better than fixing the problem on your own without the knowledge, experience, and right equipment that you need. This can only result in you wasting time, money, and effort. So if you want to get a professional opinion and have this problem fixed as soon as possible, and then call for help.