The Essentials of a Good Integrated Oven and Microwave

When  creating a kitchen or renovating, it is preferable to have a built-in  oven and microwave so you don’t lose counter space but still get the  versatility of cooking. You can get lost among all the characteristics offered by different brands, trying to figure out what features you truly need. For an individual to choose the best built-in oven and microwave combination that fits one’s cooking requirements, this guide will explore some important features of merit.

Size and layout of oven

With single ovens usually ranging from 20-30 inches wide while double ovens come in at 27-30 inches, one should consider how big their pans are for making meals or how much food they prepare at once.  Some units have double ovens stacked on top of each other whereas others present them side by side.

Convection cooking

Most inside-fitted ovens today have a convection function that blows air over your food thus speeding up its rate of cooking. Convection ovens are better at baking faster and more uniformly than regular ones. There is always a fan on when using convection mode which might be an issue if the oven were near other living areas.

Self-cleaning cycle

Look for a built in oven and microwave  with a self-cleaning cycle if you dread scrubbing baked-on messes. The provided feature heats the appliance to extremely high temperatures that burn off residual fat and left-over particles leaving ash which can be comfortably wiped away afterwards. Typically this process takes hours.

Microwave wattage and sensors

Higher-wattage microwaves heat food more quickly, so look for a powerful 800-1,000 watts if you frequently reheat meals or cook in them. Some microwaves also have sensor settings that automatically adjust cook times and power levels depending on what you are cooking making them more convenient as there is no guesswork involved.

Safety features

Select units with child safety lockout capabilities to avoid accidental misuse. Turn off your stove or microwave automatically by having auto shut-off features just in case you forgot something cooking on it. Use oven door locks when the self-cleaning cycle is underway and temperatures are incredibly high so that one cannot open them.

To sum up

When choosing a built-in oven and microwave for yourself consider the capacity, power and dimensions required by your cooking needs as well as special cycles and programs that you might use. Sort out must-haves from nice-to-haves first. By knowing what matters in these appliances then one can narrow down choices that work great and look good too. Investing adequate time in research will give you long-lasting appliances that meet all your family members’ requirements.