Diabetes – the most common causes

As we all know, from the past few years, the discussion about diabetes is increasing to a greater extent. This is because the number of people affected because of diabetes is increasing enormously. Even though this disease sounds to be deadly, the victims can manage it effectively by making a better control over their body sugar level. However, prevention measures are always better than taking treatment. Some of the most common causes of diabetes which is proven by the experts are revealed here. The people who want a better clarity about diabetes and its causes can make use of the following discussion.


Even though there are various causes, it is proven that major of the people who are affected because of diabetes are suffering from the problems of obesity. That is they tend to have over body weight which is higher than the BMI ratio. The people who are over weighted will easily get exposed to type 2 diabetes. These people will have the risk of cardiac issues when compared to the people who are affected because of type 1 diabetes. And they will also easily get exposed to blood vessel diseases.

Hormonal diseases

In certain cases, the hormonal diseases were considered to be the main cause for diabetes. The people with hormonal disease will experience hormonal imbalance. Some hormones will get produced to a greater extent and this will lead to insulin resistance. This is the reason why these people easily get affected because of diabetes. Hence the people who have the problem of hormonal imbalance must take essential treatment in order to reduce the consequences to a greater extent. Basically the treatment for hormones imbalance will consume more time. Hence the victims should never give up their treatment.

Family history

Genes tend to play a major role in transmitting the diabetes over generations. There are many people who are affected by diabetes just because they come from the family that has diabetic history. According to the report, this is considered to be the main reason for diabetes among the Asians and African Americans. The other most important thing is the report is not ended alike. It is also stated that genetic mutations can also lead to diabetes. The unfortunate thing is the genetic mutations happen naturally and it cannot be controlled or restricted. However, early diagnosis in these cases may reduce the impacts to a considerable extent.

Lack of physical activity

The people who lack in physical activity will get affected by diabetes easily than they sound to be.  Obviously during physical work is more important to utilize the sugar in the blood stream. But unfortunately in this modern lifestyle, many people have turned lazy because of the ultra modern. This leads to excessive sugar level in their blood stream.

Apart from these, the removal of pancreas or the infection in pancreas can also be the reason for diabetes in many cases. The medications which are taken for other diseases can also result in diabetes. Hence one must be aware of the normal glucose levels and must maintain their blood sugar level according to it.