Understanding the Role of the Church in this World

What is the purpose of the church in this world? Is it just for a group of people sitting around and doing nothing with what they are learning? To make people happy with themselves, not paying attention to life’s problems? The number one reason the church is in the world is to preach the gospel to the church and everyone in its sphere of influence. It includes areas around your church building, the city in which they are located, and even around the world where God shows you to serve if you listen

Learning more about the church

The second reason the church is in the world is to arm the believers within its walls to go out and use their gifts to minister to people in need of the love of God that includes everyone. For example, our church has a divorce care program once a week to help people deal with the aftermath of divorce. If the Lord has shown you how to approach him, then use His wisdom and power for this. What’s good about learning if you don’t use them. People kept going to college, changing specialties, and never leaving home, and doing something with what they learned

The third reason why the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in this world is to become more like Christ as He works in our lives until we die. If you are not growing as a Christian, then something is wrong. If your child or grandchild hasn’t been growing up for several years, you probably would ask him to come up with a solution. If you didn’t apply what you knew after graduation, what kind of firefighter would you be? No, he studies it, but he continuously learns outside of primary education to continue to grow in what he knows in the subject. Nurses, doctors, and others should do the same.

The church is here in this world to do these three things and more. If you find yourself going to a church like this, pray about it and see what God wants you to do. Either He will force you to stay there to make changes, or He will move you to a place where you can be used for His glory. But if you are leaving, do it right without trying to undermine or hurt others when you leave.

If your church isn’t doing what it should be doing, keep praying for them and asking God to show you how to help them – don’t gossip about it. Be an example yourself and ask God to show you what you can do in your sphere of influence and in the city where you live. Remember that God is the creator of creativity, so He will show you creative ways to reach out to people and show His love. They are. But you must desire it for your life if you truly want to be blessed and honestly care for others


As you show that you are faithful and obedient, God will provide you with more to work on and to live abundantly if you do it for the right reasons: to glorify God, not yourself.