How to Get the Most out of wheelchairs?

According to WHO, over a billion people use a wheelchair in the world. With two-thirds of them used regularly, there is a growing need for accessories to improve them. Perhaps the most important is the rampe handicapé. Its correct fit makes access to the home and outdoor areas much easier.

Ramps for negotiating door sills

Ramps for negotiating door sills can be essential pieces of access equipment. Mounting them on doors greatly improves wheelchair access. Most thresholds provide a barrier only a few inches high. However, this might be enough to cause problems if you are using a chair or rolling tool.

Lintels generally require slopes that provide a slope on each side. Rubber or flexible plastic is a good material for the job. Modular units provide a good option for this situation. These have small parts that fit together to create your desired ramp height and width.

These are great for wheelchairs and someone using a rolling machine or walker. Many modular ramp systems are cumbersome, which prevents them from slipping or slipping out of position when in use. Rubber versions have high ground friction and are useful if they’re on a hard surface.

Even for relatively small obstacles such as thresholds, it is important to ensure the slope is not too steep.

Many ramps have a high-friction rolling surface to reduce the risk of slipping. Using textured plastic or an abrasive pattern on the metal itself are common methods.

While rampe handicapéare among the most useful wheelchair accessories, many others can improve the equipment. Clothing made for wheelchairs is an area that has seen great strides in recent years.

Weather protection for wheelchair users

Dealing with the changing weather is an everyday consideration. Fortunately, there are now many clothes specially made for wet weather. These range from poncho-style raincoats to integral coats with fleece lining, providing head-to-toe protection.

Clothing like this is available with or without headgear and a choice of the inner lining. Depending on the weather forecast, there are clothes for every possibility!

Rain gear for the travel scooter is typical of the coating set. Often posted in front of the user, it covers handlebars and controls. This prevents them from getting wet with the user’s hands.

Usually, they have a transparent partition that allows the user to see the controls.

Some people prefer to leave a mobility scooter or wheelchair outside rather than bring it indoors. To protect it from the elements, a waterproof cover is a good idea. It is important to keep any cover safe to ensure there is no risk of being blown away.

Available in various sizes, these bags are ideal for store visits. There are also side bags that attach to the wheelchair armrests. It is important to note that many of them are not suitable for large rear wheelchairs. Instead, it is intended for “trans” wheelchairs with small rear wheels.

Other common “additions” to the wheelchair include the trays that hold the armrests. It folds flat when not in use.