Here’s How to Make Your LGBTQ+ Wedding Extra Special

Weddings should be extra special. This is when you tie the knot with your partner, your other half, and the love of your life. And sometimes, nobody can understand more about your dream to make this special, than you. To make your wedding a little bit more than what everyone expected, here are some tips for you.

A Solemn, Meaningful Ceremony

Everyone who is here to attend your wedding is here to celebrate this wonderful moment with you. The fun should be reserved for the party later on. Start by writing heartfelt personal vows. Also, choose ceremony music that means special to both of you. It is also best that you choose an officiant who knows you both well, who understands your love and devotion for each other.

Hire A Planner

Some would prefer to plan their own wedding. But if you do not have the experience in doing it, then it is best to hire the best, the one who understands what you need to make happen on this special day. A graphic designer that you trust can make everything personalized for you. This includes your invitations, seating cards, menu, ceremony program, and more. Even though you should be hands-on in planning your wedding, let someone do the grunt work for you.

Still Follow Tradition

A lot of LGBTQ+ wedding skip the typical rites and rituals. This includes cutting the wedding cake, dancing with parents, garter and bouquet tosses, etc. But you have to remember that not all your guests will understand this. Your family might also be looking forward to witnessing those traditions. In order to reflect your interests and personality, you can prefer substitutes for the traditions and make it a conversation starter instead.

Only Invite People You Trust

Never have people in your wedding who do not support you. It is best to only have those who are genuinely happy for you. They should be excited for you to finally be one with the love of your life. The last thing you want is to be awkward and self-conscious on your wedding day. So only invite those who are also happy for you and support you and your marriage.

Pick the Right Venue

There are plenty of options for you when it comes to the wedding venue. Pick a place that can offer you the ambiance that you prefer. You need not only the venue for your wedding but your reception as well. So it is best that it offers both.


Remember that this is your wedding. Express yourself and do what you want. Stop thinking about what others might feel about how you want your wedding to go. Do not let anyone tell you what to do or even influence your decisions. Again, only you and your partner will be able to make this wedding extra special.