view of automobiles

A detailed view of automobiles and its types

The automobile is a wheeled passenger vehicle that will carry its own motor and this automobile is designed for running primarily on the roads and this will have seating for more than one to eight people which are typically constructed for the people’s transport rather than goods. Automobile is a passenger vehicle that is designed for operation on roads and it is a diesel or gasoline internal combustion engine.

The common types of automobile available for transportation

The primary automobile that is privately owned will be used for transportation of owners or their passengers and also they are some other type of cars and they are as follows.

  • Taxicab
  • Solar vehicle
  • Police car
  • Battery vehicle or electric car
  • Armored car
  • Alternative fuel vehicle

The cars are commonly classified according to their body style and they are as follows. The following are the classification of cars based on their size: voiturette, supermini, microcar, large family car, Kei car, full size car, compact car, and city car. The following are the classification of cars based on their body style: tow truck, van, town car, touring car, station wagon, sport utility vehicle, shooting brake, sedan or saloon, pickup truck, notchback, minivan, limousine, liftback, hatchback, hardtop, fastback, crossover SUV, coupe, and convertible. Where the convertible if further classified into following types: T-top, Targa top, roadster, retractable hardtop, drop head coupe and Cabrio coach. The coupe is also having a one further subdivision that is a quad coupe and the pickup truck also has the following subdivision: Ute and coupe utility. The van is further classified into the following types: panel van and leisure activity vehicle.

automobile in human life

The other car types are a sports car, 2 plus 2, custom car, classic, antique car, taxicab, and sports car. Where the sports car are described in many names like supercar, sport compact, pony car, muscle car, hot rod, hot hatch, and grand tourer. The luxury car will include personal luxury cars, executive cars, and compact executive cars.

The common advantages of using the automobile in human life

There are many advantages of using automobile and they are as follows: flexibility, independence and personal mobility, pleasure trips, medical emergencies, public transportation deficiency, great transportation that saves on time, job opportunities, can enjoy privately with friends even while traveling, enjoy the better view of nature and you have a comfortable journey as you can satisfy all your needs or requirements.