PearsonLloyd is an award winning London-based design studio. Its expertise lies in offering design knowledge and strategic thinking to industries that have demanding spatial, ergonomic and social needs, such as healthcare, aviation, the workplace and the public realm.

The studio led the creative work in generating the solutions for A Better A&E, and now leads the implementation process, in conjunction with Julian Lousada and Vyla Rollins.  Together they tailor the design solutions to the unique way in which each trust operates, to ensure the implementation can achieve the maximum possible impact. 

The solutions for A Better A&E have been implemented at a number of trusts across the country, with interest continuing to grow. 

Julian Lousada

Julian Lousada is an Organisational Consultant and Partner in PEOPLEINSYSTEMS, with extensive experience in the Corporate, Health, Social Care and Educational sectors. Formerly a Clinical Director at the Tavistock and Portman NHS FoundationTrust, he has a special interest in the behaviour and productivity of work based groups/teams in the context of change. 

Vyla Rollins

Vyla Rollins is an Organisational Psychologist who has worked as a global strategic Organisational Effectiveness consultant for over 25 years. She has in-depth experience in executive coaching, team effectiveness initiatives, applied leadership development, strategy facilitation, and designing/delivering business school-based Executive Education programmes.


The design team:

PearsonLloyd’s work to reduce violence and aggression in A&E was led by design director Tom Lloyd. To deliver the project successfully, the studio used evidence-based knowledge to develop strategic concepts, which were delivered through specialist knowledge of human factors, environments, violence and aggression, and the healthcare industry. 


With this in mind, PearsonLloyd formed a consortium for their design team with individuals from the institutions shown below. The team also worked closely with three NHS Trusts across the country, who helped ensure the design solutions were relevant, easily implementable, retrofittable, effective, affordable and non-Trust specific.

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