Since 2012, the Guidance and People Solutions have been implemented in a number of hospitals across the country. The full set of solutions were piloted at Southampton General Hospital and St George's Hospital, London, where their impact was fully evaluated and quantified. Further installations have taken place at Newham Hospital, London and Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, with work currently ongoing at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. 

We strongly believe that the solutions have greater application beyond A&E and are already working to extend them in Acute Medical Units. Our aim is to get our solutions into departments of every hospital in the country. We recognise that all Trusts operate in a unique way, and consequently work closely with each department throughout the implementation process to ensure the solutions meet the needs of the Trust.  Contact us if you're interested in implementing the solutions.

01 Guidance Solution
PearsonLloyd offers two implementation options, depending on the needs of the department.

1. Trust Self-Implementation

Departments purchase the Guidance Solution templates and license fee for the signage from us. This option enables the department to manage the implementation process and find a local printer to undertake the production and installation. 


2. Full Implementation

We offer a nine-step programme where PearsonLloyd manages the entire process, from project introduction through installation. The process takes around four months, and we would recommend starting in spring, in order to have the panels installed before the winter congestion.

1. Project Introduction
Project team presents to the department explaining the concept and background.

2. Department Audit
A departmental review to determine panel locations. Audit existing signage to establish what can be removed or incorporated into the panels.

3. Workbook
A workbook will be created documenting the proposed panels, locations and initial content. This is circulated for review.

4, 5, 6. Content Workshop
Review of workbook content and proposed changes. Updated workbook issued each time.

7. Measurement
A two-day review of the department, measuring each space for a panel.

8. Installation 
Two-day installation of the panels (numbers and access permitting).

9. Review
Assessment and quality check of panels post-implementation.



02 People Solution
The effective programme is tailored to the unique needs and culture of each department.

Each programme will feature, at its core, training and support for trust staff to run and manage workplace learning groups. This might also be complemented by one-to-one or group coaching sessions, as well as mentoring of Trust staff or other key stakeholders. 

The main steps of the programme are:

1. Trust Engagement
Workshop with management and/or key stakeholders to understand the needs and goals of the Trust.

2. Establishing Group Facilitators
Coaching and support for the group facilitators looking at the causes of aggression, proactive prevention, facilitation methods and direction on session delivery.

3. Ongoing Group Support
Through conversation, observation, team/individual coaching, and demonstration from the project leaders, as well as network support from facilitators at other Trusts.


Get Involved
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